Helping you create a fun & fulfilling relationship with your horse.

Let's face it. Horses are far too expensive to not be enjoying them to the absolute fullest.

Is the lack of truly understanding and bonding with your horse making it difficult to have the relationship you are dreaming of?

Not everyone is ready to “cowboy up” and many just need a softer approach.

I have created short courses that will be affordable to horse owners, and where you can choose the specific criteria you would like to gain knowledge in, instead of doing long courses with fillers that don’t apply to you and your horses.

Additional virtual lessons or private Zoom consultations will help get you on the road to confidence and the relationship with your horse that you have always dreamed of!

I help horse owners who are lacking confidence to create a deeper relationship and bond with their horse.

Gain new skills, build confidence and have fun!

Meet Brooke

I designed my courses after continuous requests for more details pertaining to my horse training methods. I am no “cowgirl”, rather I am a horsewoman. I value the relationship with my horses over simply getting the job done, but I know this is also why my horses ALWAYS get the job done and people admire the relationship I have with my horses. My horsemanship journey is a learning journey & a teaching journey.

I also experience fear of horses and had to find a way that I could still ride and enjoy them. I had to start from the ground up and I learned to connect with my animals in a way that we trust each other.

Positive reinforcement methods and clicker training are my “go-to” methods when working with horses and building a relationship. I strive to share the importance of having a happy and healthy horse in order to achieve a relationship that looks like horse whispering.

Brooke sitting on the ground with horses
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Hay

Ready to get started?

step 1

Visit our list of courses and pick the course that fits and meets your needs.

step 2

Enroll in the course, set up your profile and jump in and start learning!

step 3

Implement the skills you've been learning and practice with your horse.

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