5 Reason Why This Is The Best Way to Deworm Your Horses & Dogs

https://shop.silverliningherbs.com/products/13-herbal-wormer-for-horsesParasites aren’t the most glamorous topic involving horses, but deworming is a very important part of horses (& DOGS) routine maintenance! Knowing that gut health is directly linked to brain and general over all condition and even physical looks of the animal, I am a little obsessed with parasite cleanses. Down the rabbit hole, I research and tested brands and schedules of dewormers for my pets. Leading to the following 9 reasons why I choose Silver Lining Herbal 13.

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If you have been struggling with any part of the deworming process for your animals, this post is for you!

  1. It’s all natural

    This herbal blend is formulated to assist the animal’s body in natural deworming defenses and resistance of protozoa. This process creates an environment that parasites won’t want to live in without using a chemical that will also also rid the animal of good gut bacteria. The regimen is scheduled to be administered coordinating with the full moon cycle (starting 10 days before the whole moon and ending on the full moon, but don’t worry the website provides a calendar), because female parasites ovulate during this time and the dewormer disturbs the egg laying cycle, which disarrays the parasites in general.

  2. The Results

    A couple of years ago I met some people and their horses at the beach for a ride. During this ride, one of the lady’s horses literally defecated a round worm (I only know the type because I HAD to google this information immediately, STOP the ride and google!). The owner of the horse told me that they had just finished a 10 day deworming process and shrugged it off like “it’s working”. I ordered Silver Lining that night! Not only for my horses, but for my dogs! I was so excited about the product that I ran fecal samples on my dogs and horses before and after. During the process both of my dogs eliminated visible tapeworm segments. The initial fecal samples were positive for high counts of tapeworm in the dogs and moderate count of hookworms, the horses tested positive for moderate small red worms and high for bots and round worm. I repeated the fecal samples 2 weeks after finishing the 10 day deworming cleanse and all the of samples came back in a low range 0-200.

  3. The horses coat and overall appearance

    The first time I used Herbal 13 on my horses in was spring and they had already shed their winter coat, or so I thought. After completing the regimen every single horse blew their coat and revealed a shiny, healthier version of a slick spring coat! It was such a contrast that other people noticed and asked me what I was feeding the herd.

  4. It’s easier.

    This dewormer is simple. First of all the animals generally like the taste and it’s not a paste that you have to shove in their mouth. You literally add the herbs to their feed once a day for 10 days. You no longer need to run fecal samples to determine if the animal has parasites and which type to worm for. This formula combats all the parasites by combating the breeding cycle and living environment of the worms. Even for those who don’t run fecals, you still have to rotate the type of dewormer because they are species specific.

  5. It’s safe.

    When I was a kid I used Ivermectin to deworm one of my horses and the neighbors dog came and ate the horse manure. Unfortunately the dog was one of many dogs that have an extreme allergy to Ivermectin and the dog died. We need to remember when we put chemicals into our animals it goes into our environment. I also use manure for compost that grows my food and after that experience I am very careful about what goes into my animals, because eventually it goes into me.