Secrets to Getting Started With Clicker Training

A free course introducing you to clicker training.

"Power Up the Clicker"

This is a free course offering examples of “charging” up a clicker. This is the first step to clicker training any animal. In this short course we will also discuss why we use a clicker and positive reinforcement methods. If positive reinforcement methods are something you are curious about for any type of pet, I welcome you come see what the fuss is all about.

Happy Horse Course

You want your horse to be confident and happy in their living environment, as that is where they spend most of their life. Even if you ride or work with your horse 4 hours every single day, they still spend 20 hours a day in their habitat. We don’t all have access to large pastures where our horses interact with herd members, graze 2/3rds of the day, forage for different herbs/roots, travel 20 miles a day and drink from creeks. This course will share with you changes that you can implement in your horse’s life that can prevent ulcers, stall vices, boredom, colic and can improve your horse’s physical health, mental health and performance.