Obsessed From the Start. Dear Fellow Horse Girls…

Every once in awhile take a moment to remember the little girl who fell in love with horses. Long before you fell in love with a particular breed or horse or riding style. Can you remember what it was like to not know the difference between an Arabian and a Quarter horse? Reminisce on the time that you did not compare value to expense. Go back in time and see the little girl that thought every horse was fast, beautiful, big and your every dream.

Doesn’t it feel good to shed the adult minded preferences. I always want to love horses with the heart I had when I was a little girl, dreaming of being a horse girl.

It’s time to drop the labels, judgement and categories that without permission began to mold our passion and divide us by our tack, breed of horse, money, or level of competition.

When asked “what do you do with your horses?”, the only response that is true for me is “I love them.”