Now Releasing Poetry: Freedom of a Fulfilled Forest

Shoshone National Forest, Meeteese, WY

Shoshone National Forest, Meeteese, Wyoming

The fire stripped the forest

However, she is not ashamed of her nakedness

You can see the steepness of her crevices

And each wind of her river

Although the burns are still visible

The forest remains fierce

And still knows who she is

The emotional and physical war is evident

Yet the forest does not blame herself

She continues to supply water to the creeks

And a nurturing habitat to the wild life

She lets us walk her trails but demands

We respect her and the wild life she holds

She became less venerable to fire

And lived on fearless

Only allowing devastation to change her for the better

Her sun still sets and rises again

Only now her reflection in the water shines

Of her red rocks, verse the green robe

That was burnt away

She didn’t loose it all and she didn’t lose herself

The new green that she grows is fresh

And grateful to start again

The forest is not bitter

Nor mad at the world.